I Went To Carnita Heaven And Realized Miklo From “Blood In Blood Out” Loved This Place

Published on January 12, 2018 by admin

I grew up in Northeast Los Angeles my whole life. So when my pops who was raised in Boyle Heights took me to Cinco Puntos for the first time, I knew I was going somewhere historical.

But this spot wasn’t just any old joint. It was the same location where Miklo from Blood In Blood Out payed homage to in the opening sequence of the movie. It’s his; I’m back in town scene when he stands in front of Cinco Puntos and throws up his neighborhood. Very symbolic.

Being the carnita lover that I am one thing is for sure ,I can always do a carnita taco any time of the day and any day of the week. There’s something about carnitas that has a unique texture to it. The process of cooking them is super firme. They’re thrown into a big bowl shape pan. It sits on a big burner. They toss in the carnitas and stir them up for a few hours using a big boat paddle. Its’ the real deal. So real It was featured in Blood in Blood Out.

But that’s not it, there’s more. The ladies in the back whip up some fluffy corn tortillas. I’m talking about the same one’s you can find in a small in a small pueblo in the hills of Mexico. The ones where an 80 year old grandma is making them. You buy them by the dozen and usually want to take some home. The guacamole is hand made to perfection with just the right kick to it. 

However when I started to spoon the beans into my mouth I noticed that I had not tried beans that tasted this good before. Although they seemed like regular “O” pinto beans these bad boys had more flavor the Flava Flav. Oh man, this took me back to my TJ days in high school hangin out in Hong Kong. Haha. 

You may be able to find carnitas anywhere you go, the local taco shop, super market, etc. But the one thing you won’t get is the best carnita taco. You can only get that at Cinco Puntos my friends. Not only that but you will be living in Hollywood cinema sitting outside while you eat your taco like Miklo did.


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