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As my mom would say, Aye Miho, that club is like Saddam and gamers. Night clubs in LA were full of rebellious kids in heat. Here’s a list of the top 10 clubs you could find me and the homies at every weekend.

#1- QC’s Montebello. Every ese and ruca went here at one point or another. Located on the East side, your best friends momma still goes there.

#2- The Arena – This may have been everyones first club. At least for me it was. This is when I learned about Transgenders by accidentally dancing with one. Lol

#3-Carnival- This spot was located at several locations through out downtown. They through one of the first day festivals in the U.S. and it was Carnage.

#4- Miyagis- You had to be in the know to have had the chance to party a Miyagis., located in the heart of Hollywood you would find celebrities taking bumps. It was the best melting pot of cholos and celebrities. Go figure.

#5- The Mayan. Located in grimy Downtown LA. this joint was known for getting people smashed. But not that smashed. I got roofied one time and couldn’t remember a thing except my momma throwing milk on me.

#6- La Mirage- this place started blowing up after House DJ’s became residents. I remember seeing a girl get smashed in the bathroom after throwing up. Ewww.

#7-Century Club – Another unique gem. the century club was popping towards the late 90’s. It was so big, Dre’s club hit Next episode was filmed there.

#8-Florentine Gardens- one of the biggest venues around. Known as the dome, It was one of the very first venues to hit the scene. Momma was a rolling stone.

#9- The Alexandria Hotel – Talk about old school. After several killings hit the house partie scene hard, the Alexandria hotel became the first night club for party crews to wild out in a safe haven.

And at #10 – Baby Dolls. Another old school joint my uncles use to party at. Can’t believe the stories they told. Blow jobs in the Bathroom, lena’s on butt cheeks y todo. Good thing none of us caught the HIV from taking a nose dive.

If you have anymore go ahead and drop them in the comments. Im Erik for NELATV.


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