This 90’s House Mix Might Be One Of The Greatest | Richard Humpty Visssion

Published on March 20, 2017 by admin

Richard Humpty Vission’s House Nation is an iconic CD that most Los Angeles kids growing up in the 90’s mainly Mexican American can relate to. Not only did Richard Humpty Vission give us the tracks that made us shake our ass but he became synonymous with House music. He was arguably the best DJ to come out of the 90’s and turned house music into a somewhat mainstream genre.

I did some research and found one of his best CD’s he ever put out called House Nation. There were other successful albums but I found this one to be extremely cool. It’s a combination of the songs and there popularity during that time. House music made us feel different and once you heard it bumping as you walked towards the backyard you were in for some fun.

Hope you enjoy.


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