This Man Is Being Labeled A Hero | He Deserves Every Bit Of It When You See This

Published on December 9, 2017 by admin

Leo Tapia is the man who saved hundreds of horses from burning down in flames in the wake of the heavy fires that have hit Southern California.

December 7, San Diego, California – The San Luis Rey Equine Training Facility went down in flames. The fire spread extremely fast due to the high winds that were creating tornado like scenes. But during the fires Leo Tapia was capturing everything when someone told him hundreds of horses were still locked inside their stables. He immediately did the unthinkable and took off running to see if he could help and this is what followed….WATCH VIDEO:

Is this man a hero? Yes indeed. This is the type 0f stuff we watch in the movies an Leo Tapia my friends just created the next Marvel Super Hero called the “Mexican Equestrian”…


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