How The Blow Pop Became An Expression Of Sexuality

Published on June 14, 2017 by admin

You can definitely call it innocence when girls use a Blow Pop to grab the attention of Party Crew dudes. I presume anything that is put in the mouth frequently enough can be considered sexual in nature when not food. As you can see from our photo it wasn’t only Blow Pops but Corona bottles as well.

Latina girls have always had it tough. From discrimination against women to being a Latina woman in general, the stacks have always been against the minority woman. The 90’s might have been the best time to be a woman however. You had a huge shift from women being suppressed to finally coming into their own.

One way you noticed this movement was in the Party Crew scene. There was just as many female party crews as there were male. The only difference was female crews knew they had all the power. There were hundreds of crews named after explicit sexual conduct. You have to remember, Mexican American girls were starting to leave that good girl mentality – only having sex when married behind them. Although there moms were pissed about their experimentation with sex, we were living in a different time. A faster time where technology, especially the dot com boom was manifesting.

There’s a reason why we focus on the 90’s here at NELA TV. One, it’s back with a vengeance, trending in pop culture. And two, it may be the last greatest decade according to most historians. See I grew up in an era where Latinos were looked at as a scape goat rather than a productive member of society. It’s our job to show the real stories behind our culture and not through the eyes of Fox 11.

Most of these girls today are mothers with good jobs. Although society labeled us back then as negative, today ironically Latino Americans ages 24-44 are the most highly coveted demographic amongst Corporate America.

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