How 90’s Hard House Makes Me Fall Into A Trance…Literally

Sometimes I find myself hearing things in my head that take me back to the good ole days of High School. I know were in 2017 and kids today don’t have much idea of how 90’s babies got down. The ironic thing is that if any of you were born in 1980 or after you technically are the oldest millennial which I take great pride in. lol. That’s how I’ve been able to build NELA TV. Due to that fact.

It’s a good thing to know how life was like during the transition from no technology to some technology to full blown technology natives. Its a crazy time to be alive and I encourage all our readers to take advantage of this era we are living in. You don’t want to be the player on the sideline watching the game go by.

That’s why I couldn’t resist myself when I heard this 1998 Old school Hard house mix lying around on the ethernets. I scooped it up after doing some major research. It wasn’t easy like most of the shit I find but it made me go back to some of the clubs we use to go to. Like Carnival, Alexandria Hotel and QC’s to name a few. Every time you’d step into a club you would feel a magical air pocket hit you and you knew shit was gonna be lit. That breeze was mist from all the sweaty bodies. lol. No shit. It was a crazy time and even crazier music. Listen to this mix if you get down with Hard House.


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